The origins of champagne C. Garnotel, date back as far as 115 years ago.  In fact, it was founded by Monsieur Louis Adam in 1899.

His son, Remy, took over the running of the business up until the 1960s. He transferred the business over to his only daughter, Annick, who was married to Dominique Garnotel.

From their union, apart from two beautiful children, Anne and Christophe, they launched the champagne brand “Adam Garnotel” in 1971.

The great-grandson of the founder is now ensuring further growth of the family business under the brand name of C. Garnotel.

Since its beginnings, champagne C. Garnotel is situated in Rilly la Montagne which is located halfway between the cities of Reims and Epernay.

Rilly la Montagne is at the heart of the Montagne de Reims. Its vineyards, which represent 10 hectares in total and which are premier cru, are composed of three champagne varieties: Pinot meunier (5h), Pinot Noir (2h) and Chardonnay (3h).

In addition to its own supplies, champagne C. Garnotel purchases grapes during the harvest from the local wine producers in accordance with strict selection criteria. This then ensures the best assembly for our different cuvées.

The company is well established in France and has a portfolio of loyal customers as well as professionals and businesses who value the quality of our champagne.

Our exports represent 30% of sales, mainly in Europe. Continuously thriving to expand, champagne C. Garnotel is preparing to make its entry to the Asian and Russian markets.